Top 5 Pregnancy Myths And The Facts

August 6, 2014

Every woman dreams to be a mother and the motherhood turns out to be the best experience of life for all women. The road to motherhood passes through the experience of pregnancy. The period of pregnancy comes with many surprises and issues. There are certain pregnancy myths that are prevailing over years now but the facts are totally different. Some of these pregnancy myths are mentioned here for the mothers to be and their health.

Myths and Facts About Pregnancy

Top 5 pregnancy myths

  • Pregnant women requires complete rest

It has been one of the most common myths. The pregnant women are advised to take complete rest to avoid any sort of medical issues. This may be right in some cases but the same won’t hold true for all pregnant ladies. The heavy work may be avoided in pregnancy but at the same time one may require regular exercise for good health. The exercises may be learnt from the doctor or one should get involved in simple exercises like walking, swimming and yoga. There are many low impact aerobic exercises as well which may be practiced to get the best results.

  • Pregnant women should eat more

The pregnant woman would be carrying an extra life and hence she should eat double. This is not completely true. The pregnant woman may require more nutrition and that can be achieved by eating healthy food and not just the double food. The food full of fat may create unnecessary weight gain and would create delivery problems as well. The diet should therefore be well planned and balanced for extra nutrition.

  • All pregnant women get crazy

The hormonal imbalance is much common in pregnant ladies but that doesn’t mean that you should treat the pregnant ladies as crazy. Some behavioural changes can be expected but you should not generalise the whole thing as this will create problem for you to understand the pregnant woman.

Pregnancy Food

  • First trimester is the period of nausea

The nausea is commonly found in first trimester but it is not the only period when you will get these symptoms. It can happen any time during the pregnancy period.

  • Spicy food should be avoided

Spicy food may cause acidity or other digestion issues but it may not induce labour. So, it is fine to consume spicy food if it suits you.

The above facts are now solved and you can keep these facts in mind for stress free pregnancy.