Understanding Fetal Movement during Pregnancy

Feeling your infant action for the very first time is a magical minute. What starts as a scarcely apparent flutter quickly becomes a full-on kick as your youngster starts to make her presence felt and by the end it can feel as if she is dancing a jig inside you. You will most likely also view a foot or a hand making out from time to time in the final maternity stages – pregnancy miracle.

Having an energetic bump not simply functions as a remarkable way to bond with your baby however it is likewise an excellent indicator that is well inside the bump. So just what should you be feeling as well as when? Right here is what to watch out for with the infant’s movement in maternity.

Pregnancy Miracle Book

When will I feel my infant for the very first time?

If this is your very first maternity, you will probably first really feels something at around the 18 to 20-week mark, although it can be later. However, if you have actually currently had a child, you might begin seeing that tell-tale twinge a little earlier.

What does it seem like?

In the first stage infant’s activities in maternity can feel like a gentle flutter, just like the butterflies in your belly you obtain when you are nervous. By week 24, you ought to be feeling precise kicks in addition to the dizzying squirm as she executes somersaults in all her vacuum. Child is still very small so don’t run scared if you go a few hours and even a number of days without activity At 29 weeks, area is becoming a little bit more confined as you move through the different pregnancy phases and the movements will be smaller sized and also a lot more defined. The child’s activities in pregnancy have the tendency to tail off from week 32 as well as instead of the normal pummeling of little kicks; you will feel a big lurching movement as your child changes position in her cramped quarters.

Facts about Pregnancy: https://en.wikipedia.org/?title=Pregnancy

Being familiar with your baby’s activity.

Once you have learned to recognize exactly what is a kick (and what just caught the wind is), you will begin to get to know your infant’s program. Some come to be a lot more energetic in the evening as throughout the day they usually sleep as you enter. Others obtain spooked after you eat as the surge in your blood sugar level gives them a rush of power. The same could take place if you are nervous and producing adrenalin. You may even have the ability to realized the routine jerky movement as your child obtains the hiccups.

Suppose the motions quit?

It is typical to not feel your infant relocate constantly. She will certainly often sleep or simply desire a rest. By week 32, your infant’s activities in pregnancy will reduce significantly as room ends up being tight. However, if you observe a continual fall in movements over several days, a large decrease in movements or assume that she has actually quit moving completely; call your midwife or General Practitioner promptly.

Check out http://www.enfusemagazine.com/ for more information

She Lost 130 Pounds, but No One Told Her It Would Come at a Cost

Kassidy Linde posts a lot of before-and-after photos on Instagram showing the progress she’s made losing weight (a total of 130 pounds at this point!) and getting stronger in the last 18 months.

One thing you don’t see in those photos? The body dysmorphia she struggles with on a daily basis. In a recent post, Linde reveals that losing weight led to an obsession with stepping on the scale. She usually weighs herself three times per day, and she admits she lets the number on the scale dictate how she feels about her body. This isn’t what Linde bargained for when she committed to living a healthier life, so now she’s taking a stand: No more weigh-ins until January 1, 2017. Check out her emotional and empowering Instagram below:

Photo: Instagram / @dilla7

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Mariah Carey’s Diet of Only Two Superfoods Is Not a Great Idea

Celebrities are known for trying all sorts of crazy diets, but Mariah Carey’s takes the cake. (Don’t get too excited, cake is definitely not on the menu.) Carey told E! News she eats salmon and capers—that’s it. “It’s really hard,” she said. “I try to stick with the proteins. It’s the worst. But it works!”

Um, OK, a few problems here. First off, most people aren’t going to stick to a diet they describe as “the worst.” Plus, a healthy diet should make you feel great, which is pretty hard when you hate what you’re eating every day.

Carey’s food choices are healthy—salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids, which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and capers are naturally low in calories. But eating two foods all day, every day is a bad idea, no matter how healthy they are. You won’t get all the nutrients you need from eating fish and capers. Carey could at least add some fruits and veggies to the mix for a more balanced diet.

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Spiked Vegan Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate season is here (!!!), and we might be a little too pumped. We <3 cocoa. It’s warm. It’s cozy. It’s dessert-y. And as if that weren’t reason enough to chuck your usual midday cup of coffee, this recipe is naturally sweetened with maple syrup and made creamy with almond milk. So tell your vegan and refined sugar-free friends to chill; they can partake too.

Oh, and in case you didn’t already know, chocolate + bourbon is a dream come true, so we highly recommend spiking your cocoa—preferrably after 5 p.m.

Spiked Vegan Hot Chocolate

Recipe by: Jamie Webber
Makes: 16 6-ounce servings
Ready in: 10 minutes

1/2 cup cacao powder
1 cup maple syrup
1 tbsp coconut butter
4 cups almond milk
1 ounce bourbon (optional)

1. Combine all chocolate sauce ingredients into a blender until smooth.

2. Add the almond milk to a large pot and start to warm it on the stove, about 10 minutes. Stir often to make sure it doesn’t burn.

3. Once milk is warm, add the chocolate sauce.

4. Stir until the chocolate is evenly mixed in the almond milk.

5. Pour into small mug, sprinkle cacao powder on the top, and add a splash of bourbon.

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Badass Biker Gang Delivers Breast Milk to Moms in Need

You may think Taylor Swift and her kick-ass female friends are the definition of #squadgoals, but we think the Sirens Women’s Motorcycle Club has them beat. The biker gang delivers pasteurized breast milk from The New York Milk Bank for premature babies whose mothers have trouble breast-feeding. (Studies have shown premature infants develop faster when given breast milk than formula.) The bikers can weave through crazy Manhattan traffic faster than delivery trucks, so preemies can get breast milk fast when they need it.

The New York Post interviewed some of the badass bikers in this inspiring video. Check it out:

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A 30-Minute Yoga Flow That Aids Digestion After a Big Meal

Went HAM on the turkey this Thanksgiving? That’s what Turkey Day is for! But before you dig into the leftovers and cozy up on the couch, try this quick yoga flow to help with digestion.

The 30-minute routine focuses on core stability and core strength, as well as twists, which stimulate the digestive system and can help boost your metabolism. This will help your body process yesterday’s feast, as well as set you up for your next meal. Plus, the couch will feel that much better when you know that you’ve earned it. All you need is a yoga mat. Then press play to get started.

Looking for more short and effective at-home workouts? Grokker has thousands of routines, so you’ll never get bored. Bonus: For a limited time, Greatist readers get 40 percent off Grokker Premium (just $ 9 per month) and their first 14 days free. Sign up now!

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This Thanksgiving Use #BodyBeThankful to Share the Things You’re Grateful Your Body Can Do

The holidays are an easy time to go HAM on sweets, which almost always leads to self-loathing. Maybe you’re not happy with the way your belly jiggles or you’re frustrated your jeans don’t button so easily after Thanksgiving dinner.

The #BodyBeThankful campaign is here to remind us we should be grateful for the awesome stuff our bodies can do—and not get too worried about the way they look. Sara Haley, a fitness blogger, started the campaign to encourage people, especially fellow moms, to celebrate their bodies during the holidays. Here’s the post that kicked things off:

sarah haley Photo: Instagram/@sarahaleyfit

Participating is easy: Upload a photo of yourself, use the hashtag #BodyBeThankful, and talk about one thing you’re proud your body can do. It doesn’t matter if it’s doing squats at the gym, getting out of bed, or carrying laundry—everything counts. Here’s some inspiration:

#BodyBeThankful Photo: Instagram/@willpower.silk

body be thankful Photo: Instagram/@mikekarpenko body be thankful Photo: Instagram/@caracappel body be thankful Photo: Instagram/@the_mama_sagas

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How to Cook the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

It’s the centerpiece of the dining-room table and, well, let’s face it: Thanksgiving simply wouldn’t be the same without turkey. Americans gobble up more than 45 million birds every Thanksgiving. Sleep easy though, while turkey’s known for inducing sleepiness, it doesn’t actually contain that much tryptophan. Before you dive into your bird, someone’s going to have to cook it. We’ve pulled together the best tips and hacks for how to craft the most beautiful, tastiest Thanksgiving turkey, from fridge to table. (If you’re not cooking, just forward this on to your mother.)

How to Cook the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey


Bird, Bird, Bird… Bird Is the Word

Since turkey is the main event, it’s important to pick the right one to fit the bill. Frozen birds are generally cheaper and more convenient, but look for air-chilled birds (find them at specialty markets and butcher shops), which will yield juicier and more flavorful meat—freezing dries out the meat. Steer clear of labels that read “salt-injected”—they’re just another sneaky drier-outer and can add a lot of extra salt and artificial flavoring.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Quick lesson: Toms are male turkeys, and hens are the ladybirds. Toms are usually bigger and can weigh more than 30 pounds, while hens usually weigh in around 12 to 14 pounds. Shoot for a pound to a pound and a half per person. If you’ve got a ton of guests, it may be best to roast two small birds instead of one big guy. Two small birds are easier to maneuver and take less time to thaw and cook (assuming you can fit both in the oven!).


How to Cook the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey Thaw Completely

The common way to thaw a turkey is in the refrigerator, breast-side up, in an unopened wrapper on a tray. For crispier skin, unwrap the turkey the night before Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving) and let it chill in the fridge uncovered overnight. But if you’re in a pinch (a 15-pound bird can take three to four days to thaw in the fridge) then the next best bet is cold-water thawing. Fill a large tub with cold water (hot water can start to cook the meat), and gently let your turkey go for a swim, making sure the turkey is sealed in a leak-proof package. Plan on 30 minutes per pound to thaw (that’s seven and a half hours for a 15-pounder). Change the water every 30 minutes to keep it chilled. The key here is to avoid thawing at room temp on the counter, which can allow bacteria to grow.

Stuff Just Before Roasting, but Beware!

If your fam loves stuffing that’s been, well… stuffed, try wrapping the stuffing in cheesecloth before placing it in the turkey. When the turkey’s done, you can cleanly remove it in one swoop.

Pro tip: Since stuffing is all the way in the center of the bird, it takes longer to cook, and the meat around it can dry out. Instead, try dressing, which contains the same ingredients—usually cubed bread, broth, seasoning, celery, and onions— just minus the whole stuffing action. But if you do choose to go the traditional route, stuff the bird right before it goes in the oven so bacteria doesn’t grow (which can happen if the bird is stuffed the day before).

Pass on the Brine

Brining—soaking a turkey in a mix of salt and water—plumps the meat with moisture before the oven can dare dry it out. But there are some tradeoffs. While brining allows for juicy meat, it can result in over-salted meat and stuffing.

Season Smart

Skip the saltshaker like it’s the plague. Not only will salt dry out the bird, it’ll jack up sodium levels on a day that may already involve some salty side dishes. Using flavorful rubs, especially ones with herbs such as rosemary, oregano, and parsley, can cut fat and salt compared to basting with oils.

Ice the Breasts

Since the dark thigh meat needs longer to cook than the white breast meat, it’s helpful to chill the turkey breasts with ice packs before roasting. Yeah, we said it. Once the turkey is thawed to room temperature, cover the breasts with ice packs and secure with an (unused!) ACE bandage to hold them in place. By icing down the white meat, you’re creating a temperature difference so the legs and breasts have a better chance at reaching the right temps at the same time.


How to Cook the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey Use a Thermometer

While many turkeys come with a cute and convenient little pop-up thermometer, they’re not so accurate. By the time it pops, you’re beloved bird will likely be overcooked. For a masterpiece turkey, use an oven thermometer to ensure a proper roasting temp (the oven should be set to 325 degrees for slow, even cooking). Then place a meat thermometer in the deepest part of the thigh (careful not to touch the bone), and pull the turkey out of the oven when the thigh reading reaches about 175 degrees (160 in the breast). Since internal temp will rise by 5 to 10 degrees after it’s been removed from the oven, it’s important to pull it out before reaching 180 in the thigh (which is the temperature the FDA approves).

Baste With Caution

While basting a turkey may sound fun (mostly because of its likeness to gin bucket), it might mess with even cooking. Continually opening the oven door to squeeze on hot pan juices (mostly fat) releases heat, which slows down the roasting process. Try to leave the oven be and admire your glistening bird getting all toasty and delicious with the help of the oven light.

Tent the Bird

For a golden turkey, shape heavy-duty aluminum foil into a tent and place on top of the bird. Some people even lay the tent so it attaches at each side of the roasting pan, and covers more of the bird. The fancy tent will keep the skin from burning while allowing the turkey ample time to finish cooking. Make sure to pop off the tent once the bird is removed from the oven, otherwise it will start to steam and you’ll be left with soggy skin.

Chose a Low Rack and Large Pan

Set the turkey in a large roasting pan to promote maximum air and heat circulation and to bank on even cooking. A sturdy pan with good handles will make it easier to transfer the bird into and out of the oven. Make sure the rack is on the lowest level to prevent burning and drying out.

Grill It

While the oven seems like the go-to hang out for all the turkeys on the block, all the cool turkeys are hitting up the grill. Grill-roast a bird by heating a fire in a charcoal or gas grill, and cooking a small (10 to 12 pound) turkey over indirect heat. Throw a shallow pan on the charcoal or burner covers to catch any drippings. Grill for about 2 hours, but use a thermometer to be precise.


How to Cook the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey Give the Turkey a Breather

Listen, we understand the family is famished (or drunk already from cocktails), but your turkey needs a little resting time after it’s been violated by stuffing, rubbed, and thrown in an oven for hours. Your bird will also continue cooking while it’s chillaxin’, and 20 minutes of rest or more keeps the juices where they should be—in the meat, not on the carving plate.

Don’t Carve at the Dining Room Table

Everyone wants to be the Thanksgiving hero, but it may be wise to avoid an uncomfortable performance in front of family. Instead, carve the bird in the comfort of a secluded corner of the kitchen. Carving tableside may mean messy juices on Grandma’s tablecloth and arguments over carving technique.

Carve Like a Pro

To successfully carve a turkey, it’s important to enlist the proper arsenal of knives—a chef’s knife or a carving knife, and a carving fork. Ironically, a sharper knife is safer and more effective, and the longer the better for easy, even slicing. Celebrity chef Bobby Flay suggests cutting meat into thick slices to keep the moisture in. While traditional slices are usually 1/4-inch thick, he recommends cutting it much thicker. When carving, it’s best to go against the grain. Meat is made up of bundles of long, parallel muscle fibers. Slicing against the grain produces more tender meat because the fibers in each piece will be shorter.

Skip the Entire Bird

If you’re having a small party and would rather not wrangle a big ‘ole bird for the occasion, it’s completely OK to use just a part of the holiday staple. Try our herb-stuffed turkey breast to cut down on time, expense, and an irrational amount of leftovers (can there be such a thing?).

Originally posted November 2012. Updated November 2016.

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9 Ways to Use Leftover Pasta Sauce So It Never Goes to Waste Again

Raise your hand if you’ve ever opened a jar of marinara sauce, placed the leftovers in the fridge, and then a month later realized it’s grown little blue fuzzballs. We get it. The intention to use the leftovers is there, yet you find yourself face-to-face with wasted sauce. Again.

We’re helping you turn those half-used jars of pasta sauce into some seriously tasty and healthier options. We’ve broken down the recipes into fast and easy (a win-win), single-servings (sometimes we just want to cook for ourselves), and those for feeding a crowd (because we like to party).

Fast and Easy

Pasta Sauce Recipes: One Pot Three Bean Chili

Photo: The Healthy Maven

For a quick and hearty meal that will serve a large crowd (or make for lots of leftovers), this one-pot beef and three-bean chili couldn’t be easier. Chop up onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes; combine with ground beef, sauce, and spices; and dinner is on its way. And because it makes everything better, top with some avocado.

Pasta Sauce Recipes: One Pot Chicken Cacciatore

Photo: Jessica Gavin

As the name suggests, this recipe is easy, quick, and will leave you with just one pan to clean up (score). Toss in mushrooms, peppers, and zucchini along with pasta, chicken, and that extra tomato sauce for a colorful, light pasta dish that will be ready in half an hour, tops.

Pasta Sauce Recipes: Vegan Tempeh Sloppy Joes

Photo: Dietitian Debbie Dishes

If the phrase “Sloppy Joes” brings back awkward summer camp memories, we don’t blame you. But give this updated vegan version a chance, especially on nights when your heart says burger, but your brain says bring on the veggies. This spicy sandwich is filled with tempeh, a great vegetarian substitute for ground beef, as well as onions and peppers. Swap out the tomato paste for your leftover tomato sauce, and you’ll feel like you’re at a grown-up cookout in no time.


Pasta Sauce Recipes: Eggplant Parmesan For One

Photo: Betsy Life

When eating by yourself, it can be tempting to just toss something frozen in the microwave. But with just a little extra effort, you can have a meal that’s way more satisfying and nutritious. This easy eggplant parm recipe will have you wishing you could cook for one for the rest of your life.

Pasta Sauce Recipes: Single Serving Shakshuka

Photo: Seek Satiation

Don’t be fooled: This dish is a lot easier to make than it looks—and can be done using a single pan for minimal cleanup (we won’t judge if you eat straight out of the steaming pan either). Called shakshuka, it’s a classic Middle Eastern dish that’s high in protein and spices. Eat shakshuka for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or put it on top of fiber-rich crackers or Ezekiel bread as a post-gym snack.

Pasta Sauce Recipes: Lasagna in a Mug

Photo: Bigger Bolder Baking

So you want lasagna, but you don’t feel like going through the hours-long process of cooking a whole pan, especially when it’s just you tonight. We’ve been there. With this mug recipe, you’re just 10 minutes away from warm, saucy comfort food in a cup. If you want a slightly less-rich version, substitute cottage cheese for the ricotta.

Feeding a Crowd

Pasta Sauce Recipes: Pizza Hummus

Photo: Sinful Nutrition

Who doesn’t love pizza? The crowd-pleaser can get a bit messy (and expensive) when served whole, so welcome an easy, dippable solution: pizza hummus. This dish is the perfect last-minute addition to a party—just blend chickpeas, tomato sauce, and spices; top with diced tomatoes; and serve. Pair it with veggies, fresh bread, or pita chips… and maybe make a second batch, just in case.

Pasta Sauce Recipes: Avocado Chicken Meatballs

Photo: The Wholesome Dish

Avocado adds a fun surprise to this cold-weather classic. Even your pickiest guests will appreciate the simple ingredients that go into these meatballs—all you need is an egg, ground chicken, tomatoes, chilies, sauce, and spices. If you want to take the health factor up a notch, sub in rolled oats or crushed flax for the bread crumbs.

Pasta Sauce Recipes: Quinoa Pizza Bites

Photo: Jessica in the Kitchen

This recipe combines two of our favorite finger foods: pizza and muffins. And while the bites taste indulgent, they are packed with protein from the quinoa, making them a healthy alternative that guests will love on game days. Chop up some of your favorite toppings (olives, broccoli, or mushrooms sound good to us) and toss them into the muffin tins for an even more filling snack.

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An Olympic Wrestler Won Gold in Rio Because of Her Anxiety, Not in Spite of It

We tend to think of anxiety as a bad thing—stopping us from hanging out with friends or keeping our minds racing when all we want to do is sleep. Anxiety feels like a burden, but in a personal essay in Sports Illustrated, Olympic wrestler Helen Maroulis explains how the disorder actually helped her win gold in Rio:

Before the opening ceremonies, I was pinned. My journal entry read:

“I can’t stop crying. I’m making myself sick. For the first time in my life, I explained to Terry [my Coach] what my anxiety was like. What it felt like to be afraid of irrational things. I was always afraid to tell him, because I was afraid he wouldn’t think I was mentally capable of a gold medal. And at the Olympics, I didn’t want to look weak.

He said that I was strong to reach out and talk to him. He also said when we are hyper-sensitive to everything, it’s our bodies way of preparing for battle.”

He was right.

Maroulis’s story isn’t meant to downplay the seriouness of anxiety, but rather show the advantages it can bring (so long as you deal with it in a healthy way, like she did):

My journey brought me to a definitive realization: We live in an illusion that champions are fearless, and that any admission to the contrary is defined as weakness…

There’s a stigma that only tough girls wrestle. There’s a stigma that only fearless people win. Yet here I stand in front of you. In front of our country. In front of the world—distinguished by my gold—and by the overwhelming feeling that all of my fears and all of my anxieties in that moment rolled down my body with every tiny bead of sweat, one by one.

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Who Couldn’t Use Some Empowering Illustrations Right Now?

Being an adult is hard (like, really hard). That was painfully obvious this week, when many people felt like their world got turned upside down. It’s at times like these when it’s more important than ever to remember you are stronger than you think and your feelings are valid. And that’s exactly what these beautifully designed illustrations from Hana Shafi (a.k.a. The Frizz Kid) help you do.

Check out our favorites below, and while you’re at it, go follow her on Tumblr or Instagram—each graphic is like getting a bear hug from your best friend.

self care illustrations self care illustrations self care illustrations self care illustrations self care illustrations Safe Space self care illustrations All Bodies self care illustrations

There Is Hope self care illustrations Photos: Frizz Kid

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