Yes! Now This Is How You Protest Sexist School Dress Codes

We remember rolling our eyes at school dress codes—tank top straps had to be three fingers wide and skirts needed to go past girls’ hands when they stood like a soldier at attention. One middle school in Maryland took things even further, saying girls “should be conscious” of shirts that reveal cleavage because they could be a “distraction.” This group of students at Urbana Middle School isn’t having any of it:

I am more than a distraction Photo: The Frederick News-Post

They showed up for class wearing oversize yellow t-shirts—the same kind used as punishment when a student breaks dress code—with the message “I am more than a distraction” written on them in black marker. The idea piggybacks off #IAmMoreThanADistraction, a campaign that started as a protest to a similarly sexist dress code at a school in New Jersey. Though it stinks that these rules governing what people wear to school exist, we love seeing students take a stand for equality.

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