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#WhyWomenDontReport Sexual Assault Is Trending (Thanks, Trump)

In the last few weeks, more than a half dozen women have come forward claiming Donald Trump sexually assaulted them. Most of the alleged incidents happened over a decade ago, leading many to ask: Why are these women coming forward now? First off, women have spoken up about Trump’s inappropriate sexual advances in the past. But there are also plenty of legitimate (and upsetting) reasons victims of sexual assault stay quiet for so long. People are using the hashtag #WhyWomenDontReport to share the unfortunate realities that often stop survivors from coming forward. Here are just a few examples:

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Hate Trump or Clinton? This Website Uses That Anger to Help You Lose Weight

Setting goals is one thing, but actually sticking to them is, well… yeah. The aptly named website Trump Your Goals is here to help, whether you want to lose weight or run a 5K—albeit in a pretty messed up way.

Here’s how it works: Enter your goal, set the deadline, choose the amount of money you’ll pony up if you fall short, and answer the question: Who do you hate more, Trump or Clinton? If you don’t complete it, the site donates the cash to your least favorite presidential candidate.

Trump Your Goals Photo: Trump Your Goals

This all sounds pretty backward, and to be fair, there’s not much accountability here. You just have to say you completed your goal—and we know how easy that is.

Science does back up the so-called anti-charity form of motivation. Studies have shown people are more driven by the possibility of a punishment than a reward. There’s also research that supports attaching money to your goals and making them public.

But there are plenty of ways to stick to your goals that don’t involve inadvertently supporting a cause you’re fundamentally against. Apps such as Commit and Strides can keep you on track, or if you’re really the type that needs to put your money where you mouth is, tell a friend you’ll buy them a drink if you fall short. Because life does get in the way, and it’s not worth compromising your values.

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