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These Side-by-Side Photos Prove You Don’t Know What Healthy Looks Like

You're familiar with the concept of before-and-after photos, right? Right. We are too. But "after-after" photos are new to us, and a body-positive Instagrammer named Michelle Elman is showing us what two seemingly similar post-weight loss photos can teach us about being healthy and how to get there.

On top of everything else, Elman's story is a critical reminder that we're almost never going to be in a place to make assumptions about someone else's health. We can't tell which photo is her healthy one just by comparing them, and that's exactly the point. We'll let her explain why:

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These Hilarious Comics Nail What It’s Like to Live With a Disability in 2016

Two sisters are putting a hilarious spin on the crap people with disabilities have to put up with in 2016. Jessica and Lianna Oddi, two illustrators who use wheelchairs, created a blog called The Disabled Life to show what it’s actually like to deal with everyday situations (including Tinder) when you have a disability.

“To be honest, it really started as a way to share our personal experiences in a funny way,” Jessica told Refinery 29. “But as it continues to grow, our underlying goal is to help make disabilities a common topic. It’s 2016; we can all talk about diversity, share our thoughts, and treat everyone like human beings!” Check out some of the powerful comics below:

the disabled life the disabled life the disabled life the disabled life the disabled life the disabled life the disabled life All Photos: The Disabled Life

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Vacations Won’t Feel Too Short If You Follow These 3 Steps

Vacations are great until you find yourself back in the office asking, “How did that go by so quickly?” Since most of us work more than 40 hours per week, all we want to do on vacation is rest and recover, preferably on a beach. But as Quartz points out, the less time you spend lying around, the longer your time off will feel. Next vacation:

  • Do something challenging. Take a road trip. The scenery is always changing, which forces you to focus on the present. Marc Wittmann, author of Felt Time, told Quartz that all of these new things make a trip feel exciting and memorable.
  • Try journaling. Rather than letting the days blur together, keep a log of what you do, so you can remind yourself of the amazing memories from your time off.
  • Don’t overdo it on planning. Planning makes time seem like it’s moving faster, Wittmann says. If you’re constantly thinking about the what’s next, you can’t actually pay attention to what’s happening in front of you. Make a general plan for the important things, like hotel reservations or flights, but keep your schedule more flexible on a daily basis.

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