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You’re Definitely Not Washing Your Bras as Often as You Should

Putting on a bra every day is kind of the worst, but it’s also a fact of life for most women. And like everything you wear, it has to be washed semi-regularly.

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So, ladies: When was the last time you put your bras in the laundry? Last week? A few weeks ago? Can you even remember?

The best practice is washing a bra after you’ve worn it three times, experts told Buzzfeed. And, of course, if you’re sweating in a sports bra, throw it straight in the laundry.

It’s also a good idea to rotate the bras you wear, according to Elle. Why? Otherwise sweat, dirt, oil, and bacteria starts to accumulate on your bra straight from your skin. What a lovely image! But it’s also probably the one thing that’ll convince us to wash them more often.

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Shailene Woodley Makes a Good Case for Why Schools Should Teach Masturbation

It’s been years since we took sex ed, but we don’t remember any classes teaching us how to masturbate. (The closest we got was putting putting condoms on bananas—how realistic!) If it were up to Shailene Woodley, though, sex education in schools would look very different. In an interview with Net-A-Porter, the actress and activist stressed the importance of schools talking about female pleasure:

“As a young woman you don’t learn how to pleasure yourself, you don’t learn what an orgasm should be, you don’t learn that you should have feelings of satisfaction. I’ve always had a dream of making a book called There’s No Right Way to Masturbate.”

We hear you, Shailene. Sex is supposed to be pleasurable (for everyone involved), and it’s really silly that masturbation is such a taboo topic.

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