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Editor’s Picks: 10 Products Making My Winter Bearable

It’s dry and cold and dark and I keep stepping in slush puddles… so here are all my favorite products at the moment. These are my top recommendations for keeping your skin, hair, and spirit intact now that we don’t have the holidays to look forward to (and with spring still feeling so, so far away).

1. Amika Silken Up Dry Conditioner

I have been a major fan of Amika for years—and I credit their amazing heat defense serum with keeping my hair intact when I curl it—but it’s the dry conditioner that has become my No. 1 daily hair care staple.

On days I don’t wash my hair (which is most of them), I spray dry shampoo at my roots, then spray the rest of my hair down with a liberal coating of this antioxidant-packed spray. Suddenly, it’s softer, glossier, less frizzy, and easier to brush. Amazing.

($ 25; sephora.com)

2. Volition Beauty Apple Cider Vinegar Peel Pads

Winter is so freaking hard on your skin. You’d think you would just want to hydrate hydrate hydrate, but it’s actually a great idea to gently exfoliate those dead skin cells in the winter too, as this can promote cell turnover. These ACV peel pads are such a nice, light exfoliant for winter—not too harsh at all.

($ 64; sephora.com)

3. Crane and Lion Original Tights

I’ve tried a lot of workout pants and am generally disappointed. Shape-wise, I’m an hourglass with hips that tend to feel squished by Lululemons. But these pants are effing perfect.

The sizing is spot-on, they don’t ride down when you bend over, they’re warm enough that you can walk to the gym in them, and they’ve got a little key pocket at the waistband for your gym locker. If you’re into them, grab a pair soon—they’re 40 percent off right now.

($ 95; craneandlion.com)

4. Algenist Splash Absolute Hydration Replenishing Sleep Pack

After you’ve done your ACV exfoliation, soothe your face with this extremely hydrating overnight mask. This stuff smells kind of astringently clean, isn’t sticky, absorbs quickly, and makes my skin basically glow in the morning. You can also use it with a serum or oil underneath if you feel like locking in even more moisture.

($ 48; sephora.com)

5. Casper Glow

My favorite mattress company—the one that made the bed that finally let me get some effing sleep—has now come out with a lamp that makes sleeping (and waking up) better too.

They’re elegant in their design, extremely intuitive to set up and use, and can kind of function as a lamp you can pick up and sleepily walk to the kitchen for a glass of water with, like an old-timey taper candle holder! which just makes me want to order a Scrooge sleeping cap to go with.

($ 89; casper.com)

6. Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3

If you hair needs a protein boost, this is the only stuff I can honestly recommend. My extremely processed, dry hair needs a lot of TLC, and Olaplex is amazing because it actually helps rebuild the hair from the inside out. I leave it on as an overnight pack sometimes or just do a quick-hit 30-minute treatment.

($ 28; sephora.com)

7. 100% Pure Fermented Rice Water Cleanser

This is one of my favorite makeup brands (I use one of the fruit-pigmented eyeshadow palettes almost daily), but they also make a cleanser that I am fully into. This stuff is made with sake (yes, like the drink) as well as a whole bunch of mushroom extracts and other good stuff that really cleans your face without stripping the natural oils. Perfect for winter.

($ 32; 100percentpure.com)

8. Lunata Wireless Rechargeable Touch-Up Styler

How smart is this concept. You don’t have to deal with a cord (which is great because I always seem to twirl myself up in one while I’m doing my hair, since I’m a paragon of grace and elegance), and this flat iron is small and lightweight enough to throw into your gym bag or carry-on.

It also seems like an excellent, purse-size solution to looking presentable for work the morning after an especially great date, for what that’s worth.

($ 150; lunatabeauty.com)

9. Bedgear M1X Series Pillow

I don’t know how I upgraded my mattress and sheets but somehow continued to think that old, lumpy, beat-up pillows from IKEA were doing me right. They aren’t, but this pillow is. Given the price, it’s an investment, but one that will help you stop tossing and turning, and start waking up drooling eight hours later (which, fine, gross, but also awesome). Designed with “air flow technology” (IDK), it basically just doesn’t get warm—so you have a double-sided cool-side-of-the-pillow action.

($ 119; bedgear.com)

10. Eminence Organic Rosehip Triple C+E Firming Oil

I used to be devoted to the brand’s facial recovery oil—which I still love—but right now, I’m slowly working my way through a bottle of this stuff.

I use it after my serum and before my moisturizer, and I think it both helps lock in the serum and provides a really nice layer of hydration (and it reduces puffiness and redness, so yay). Yes, the price is a doozy, but you only use two drops, so the bottle really does last a very long time.

($ 110; dermstore.com)

Jess Novak is the senior editor of health science and lifestyle at Greatist (and she tackles all the beauty content too). Follow her adventures on Instagram and Twitter.

Every editorial product is independently selected by our editors or writers. If you buy something through one of our links, we may earn a commission. But don’t worry, it doesn’t cost you anything extra, and we wouldn’t recommend a product if we didn’t love it as much as we love puppies.

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The Guys Finally Making Body Positivity a Thing for Men

We’re finally at a point where people aren’t ashamed of their stomach rolls and are celebrating their mermaid thighs. This is true body positivity. Hashtags like #effyourbeautystandards and #allbodiesaregoodbodies are wildly popular on Instagram, and there are dozens of Facebook and YouTube pages committed to celebrating “real” bodies.

But almost every single body-positive blogger, Instagrammer, and celebrity is female. It’s true that women’s bodies have historically been subjected to more scrutiny than men’s, and that has led to long-term consequences we’re still trying to correct. But men also face pressures—to be stronger, taller, more masculine—and we need to make sure the body-positive movement fights against those too.

We’ve seen the first baby steps: Major fashion blogs like Chubstr and Notoriouly Dapper provide resources and community for men of all sizes. But compared to the size of the body-positive community for women, the representation for men just isn’t there.

The most well-known body-positive bloggers—@bodyposipanda, @plankingforpizza, @yourstruelymelly—post in a universal language. Messages like “love your chub” and “every body is beautiful” apply to women and men, after all.

Still, there’s a lot of value in seeing people who look like you tackle the same challenges you’re facing in real time. It may seem silly to connect with a random person on the other side of the internet, but that’s exactly how many people find the role models they need.

We’ve seen how successful representation can be. As the movement has grown, there have been real, tangible changes in the way society and media treats women. Aerie has sworn off retouching its advertisements, and models Ashley Graham and Iskra Lawrence walk runways and land the covers of magazines without anyone batting an eye. Actresses who aren’t super skinny—Amy Schumer and Octavia Spencer come to mind—are getting interesting, complex roles in Hollywood, and more schools and parents are teaching young girls about body image from a young age.

It’s time to do this for men too. That starts by building the community from the ground up, and luckily the process has already begun. Here are four men at the root of it all—they’re actively representing different body types for men and calling for more body diversity in the media. Eventually we’ll need more people like them, but for now, following these guys is a good start.

Zach Miko

Miko signed to IMG Models’ newly minted “brawn” division in March 2016, making him the first plus-size male model to join to a major agency. He’s seven inches taller than most other male models, and he’s got a good three or four sizes on them.

Kelvin Davis

As a fashion blogger, body-positive model, and one of the brains behind the @EffYourBeautyStandards Instagram account, Davis is a busy guy. But he believes in what he’s doing: One bad shopping trip made him pledge to never apologize for his body again, and he’s encouraging other men to do the same.

Troy Solomon

Here’s a guy who has cultivated an impressive Instagram following with his style posts and, presumably, totally relatable love of tacos. Solomon isn’t shy when it comes to talking about (or showing off) his plus-size body.

Matt Joesph Diaz

On top of having a really inspiring story, Diaz writes a lot about the importance of expanding the body-positivity community. He believes it needs to be more of a priority, and obviously, we agree.

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8 Jarred Salsas to Buy Because They’re Better (and Way Easier) Than Making Your Own

We’re pretty sure chips and salsa is everyone’s preferred party snack. In the middle of football season—a.k.a. the season for hours-long group hangouts with mountains of food—you should be armed with the chunkiest, spiciest, hold-up-to-chips-iest salsas out there. We’ve rounded up the best of the best, from fruity to garlicky to just plain perf. So now you can spend all your time focusing on the homemade guac.

Best Classic:

salsas: green mountain

Photo: Amazon

Unlike many standard salsas labeled “medium,” Green Mountain Medium Salsa wasn’t loaded with sugar to kill the kick. In fact, between the bits of garlic and pepper seeds, plus hits of cilantro, it tasted the most “homemade” of the bunch, and for that, it gets our stamp of approval.

Photo: Big Bag Fresh

We don’t want to be #mainstream, but there’s no denying it: Tostitos Medium Chunky Salsa is one of the best. Though it is medium, it packs decent heat, and the big bites of pepper and onion bring big flavor without tasting like gazpacho in the slightest.

Best Riff on Original:

salsas: Rojos

Photo: Refrigerated and Frozen Food

Rojo’s Southwestern offering gets it name (and rockin’ flavor) from chipotle peppers and jalapeños. Though a little less chunky than we’re typically looking for, Rojo’s Fire-Roasted Medium Salsa gets our vote for taste.

salsas: Newman's

Photo: Walmart

Paul Newman just gets us. When we asked ourselves, “What was regular salsa missing?” Paul answered with a jar of Newman’s Own Roasted Garlic Salsa. Smoky and strong, this probably isn’t a first-date salsa… unless you’re us and don’t give AF.

Best Verde:

salsas: chi chis

Photo: Walmart

A bit sweet, Chi-Chi’s Salsa Verde paired well with eggs and quesadillas alike. We might not dip a chip in verde alone, but it livened up meals without distracting from the main attraction.

salsas: 365

Photo: 365 By Whole Foods

Ditch the hot sauce; salsa verde is the only condiment you should douse on your food. 365 Roasted Verde Salsa‘s tangy yet sweet base is welcome on any taco of ours.

Best Fruity:

salsas: desert pepper

Photo: Walmart

The salsa purists will probably poo-poo us for even liking fruity salsas, but we’re way into Desert Pepper Peach Mango Salsa. With sugar from the fruit perfectly cutting the spice, we found we were unable to stop dunking our chips. Spoiler alert: It also makes a rad marinade for chicken and tofu.

salsas: kyvan

Photo: Sauce World

Like its orange-fruit counterpart, KYVAN Hot Honey Apple Salsa surprised us with its delicious taste. Fruity salsas FTW. It’s spicy and sweet (though mild enough to let the tomatoes do the talking), and we can’t wait to dunk beef and turkey meatballs into it, cocktail-style.

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