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These Side-by-Side Photos Prove You Don’t Know What Healthy Looks Like

You're familiar with the concept of before-and-after photos, right? Right. We are too. But "after-after" photos are new to us, and a body-positive Instagrammer named Michelle Elman is showing us what two seemingly similar post-weight loss photos can teach us about being healthy and how to get there.

On top of everything else, Elman's story is a critical reminder that we're almost never going to be in a place to make assumptions about someone else's health. We can't tell which photo is her healthy one just by comparing them, and that's exactly the point. We'll let her explain why:

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Plus-Size Triathlete Proves Most of Us Don’t Know What Being Fit Looks Like


Krista Henderson is one incredible athlete. She has competed in more than 20 races—triathlons, duathlons, and half-marathons. Plus, she’s a personal trainer and a spin instructor. Now she has one more thing to add to her impressive résumé: She’s the newest face of Lane Bryant’s activewear line, Livi. Henderson doesn’t have your stereotypical athletic build—and that’s the point. Lane Bryant’s newest campaign showcases super-fit women of all shapes and sizes, proving there’s not just one way to be healthy and in shape.

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What We Wish the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Looked Like

We’ve watched slender models strut their stuff at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show year after year, but TBH, we’re tired of seeing only one body type on the catwalk. The lingerie brand continues to ignore women of different sizes—even during a banner year for body positivity.

Thankfully, the folks over at Buzzfeed took matters into their own hands and put together their own fashion show, featuring a super-diverse group of models walking the runway in sexy lingerie—and yes, occasionally wings.

Source: Buzzfeed Source: Buzzfeed Source: Buzzfeed Source: Buzzfeed We’ll admit the video is a bit long, but we were happy to stick around for the full nine minutes. If it was up to us (or Ashley Graham), this is the kind of fashion show we’d go nuts over every year:

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What Happens When Plus-Size Women Try to Look Like Top Models

More and more plus-size models are killing it on the runway and in the pages of magazines. But when it comes to big-time high-fashion ads (think: the ones you see flipping through Vogue), the models still have a slender body type.

Thankfully, BuzzFeed took matters into its own hands by remaking five popular fashion ads with badass plus-size women as models. The results are stunning, and watching these ladies call BS on the fashion world (“No one would ever wear [just] a f*cking scarf and a pair of jeans anywhere”) is pretty hilarious.

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These Hilarious Comics Nail What It’s Like to Live With a Disability in 2016

Two sisters are putting a hilarious spin on the crap people with disabilities have to put up with in 2016. Jessica and Lianna Oddi, two illustrators who use wheelchairs, created a blog called The Disabled Life to show what it’s actually like to deal with everyday situations (including Tinder) when you have a disability.

“To be honest, it really started as a way to share our personal experiences in a funny way,” Jessica told Refinery 29. “But as it continues to grow, our underlying goal is to help make disabilities a common topic. It’s 2016; we can all talk about diversity, share our thoughts, and treat everyone like human beings!” Check out some of the powerful comics below:

the disabled life the disabled life the disabled life the disabled life the disabled life the disabled life the disabled life All Photos: The Disabled Life

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